Political Science Academic Job Market

In Oct 2020, I shared a rough draft of what I wrote up as a guideline on political science R1 job market for Caltech graduate students as I prepared to graduate. Seeing how many people came up to me and said this was helpful, especially the month-to-month to-do list, I... [Read More]

2020 Iowa Caucuses, in pictures

Thanks to the 2020 Iowa Caucus Conference hosted by Caroline Tolbert at the University of Iowa, I have been able to see the rallies, the field office operations, and ultimately the 2020 Iowa caucuses myself. Here are some of the pictures that captured the storm. [Read More]

ESRA 2019 short brief

The 3rd annual Election Sciences, Reform, & Administration Conference wrapped up successfully, at the University of Pennsylvania. Although there were no streams/videos recorded, here is a short brief on our working paper that was presented, posted on Medium by the MIT Election Lab.