Thriving in Graduate School as an International Student

In Jan 2022, Melanie and I wrote a manuscript, titled “Thriving in Graduate School as an International Student: How to Combat the Hidden Costs and Barriers,” on what are potential costs and barriers that international students face that might not be immediately recognizable. This was rejected from PS, and we... [Read More]

Political Science Academic Job Market

In Oct 2020, I shared a rough draft of what I wrote up as a guideline on political science R1 job market for Caltech graduate students as I prepared to graduate. Seeing how many people came up to me and said this was helpful, especially the month-to-month to-do list, I... [Read More]

2020 Iowa Caucuses, in pictures

Thanks to the 2020 Iowa Caucus Conference hosted by Caroline Tolbert at the University of Iowa, I have been able to see the rallies, the field office operations, and ultimately the 2020 Iowa caucuses myself. Here are some of the pictures that captured the storm. [Read More]

ESRA 2019 short brief

The 3rd annual Election Sciences, Reform, & Administration Conference wrapped up successfully, at the University of Pennsylvania. Although there were no streams/videos recorded, here is a short brief on our working paper that was presented, posted on Medium by the MIT Election Lab.