I gave a talk today at R-Ladies Dallas via Zoom. The meetup was recorded and a video is now available here. The slides are here. TL;DR you should not do the following things for reproducibility within and across research projects:

  1. Not working in an R project
  2. Not using Git (version control)
  3. Not using renv package
  4. Not having a consistent directory structure
  5. Messing with your raw data
  6. Not having a set of ordered, modular R scripts
  7. Copy-pasting code
  8. Not commenting properly
  9. Not writing/deploying tests
  10. Not automating figures/tables

The time you spend to make things reproducible will come back to you by * not* being wasted on mending broken things later. Ping me via email or Twitter if you have additional things that you want to add!