So there are some strong opinions about paper titles. Some are very much against cheeky, “cute” paper titles. Some hunt for the most memorable ones. Some argue that the paper title should actually deliver the bottom line of the paper up front. There’s even a Twitter account called “Cliffhanger Paper Titles” (@SayWhatYouFound) that is “[s]narking on papers with uninformative titles since 2018.”

Some great titles in this “tell us what you found already” camp would be

My opinion is: why not both? In a lot of cases, paper titles are better plain and informative. Some can afford to be memorable by having some elements of fun. Use such strategies sparingly, though.

So what are some fun, memorable paper titles in social sciences? Here’s my pick in no particular order, subfields classified by journal:

Political Science

And my own, if I may:


And some more for the jokes: